About us

ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP founded by Abbas and Sirous Sayed Ghaleh in the historical city of Isfahan in the center of Iran.

ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP is a style based on mutual trust with clients and eased communication.


ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP is a leading diversified engineering group in Isfahan and acted as CONSULTANT and CONTRACTER in many constructive projects and also performing REAL ESTATE & LEGAL SERVICE tasks in IRAN.

ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP has done more than 200 construction projects in Iran and neighboring countries.

ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP is not only one of the best in Construction and infrastructure works, but also has a modern group of designers and craftsmen for Architectural and interior design.

We are committed to providing reliable and professional services to our precious clients. Our appreciation of our client’s interest, demonstrated by making their requirements and ensuring high quality work, is the prime directive of our management. Our commitment to grow this firmly linked to our commitment to our employee’s continuous development and rewarding careers. We have always regarded the safety of the people and counted it as key success factors for sustainable growth. Our organization is fortunate enough to have a team of high qualified engineers &experts and also good corporation with some of most highly regarded engineering consultancies and contractors and real estate market investors.

Our objective is to support our clients and partners in the successful implementation of all stages of their projects and businesses from start to end. 


Abbas sayed ghaleh

Abbas Sayed Ghaleh

ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP Founder and Member of the board since 2000

Founder and Chairman of  CONTRACTING Department

Founder of Real Estate and Legal Services Department

Holder of Bachelor degree in civil engineering   

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Sirous sayed ghaleh


ABBAS & SIROUS GROUP Founder and Member of the board since 2000

Founder and Chairman of  CONSULTING Department

Founder of Real Estate and Legal Services Department

Master of Architecture in 3 Faculties in Isfahan -since 2005

Holder of authorized license to practice an official expert in the field of Construction &Pricing

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Mohammad sayed ghaleh


Mohamed Seyed Ghaleh (Sayyed Ghaleh) the Father of Abbas and Sir ous Sayyed Ghaleh was an Iranian Germany writer , novelist , author and carpet dealer in Germany. He was born in Isfahan through Iranian Parents 1940 and died in 2008 and spent more than half of his work career along with his family in Germany. He is regarded as one of the best key figures of 20th. century for presenting the Iranian culture and tradition C Iranian hand made carpets around the world. He did his presentation through 13 Books and a lot of lectures around the world . for He wrote iv books about the Iranian culture & tradition and Iranian handmade carpets and also 3 volumes roman. 


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